Review: DJI Air 3

Drones have revolutionized how we capture the world from above, and DJI has long been a leader in the drone industry. Their latest offering, the DJI Air 3, promises to take aerial photography and videography to new heights. Packed with two new cameras, advanced features, and a sleek design, the DJI Air 3 is a compelling option for enthusiasts and professionals. This blog post explores the pros and cons of its camera, batteries, and added features to see if the DJI Air 3 is the right choice for you.

Review: DJI Air 3

Review: DJI Air 3

Table: Pros and Cons of DJI Air 3 Drone

CameraWide Angle 1/1.3-inch CMOS
Medium Tele 1/1.3-inch CMOS
Small than the 1-inch CMOS Sensor of the Air 2S
4K video resolution Up to 100fpsNo 5K video
Vertical Video Capabilities Vertical Video Limited to 2.7K
10-bit Dlog-M for post-processing flexibilityRequires a learning curve for optimal settings
Batteries46 Minute Max Flight TimeOnly 1 Battery Included Without The Fly More Combo
New Charging Hub allows power transfer among batteriesCharging Hub and Batteries Currently only compatible with Air 3
Added Features Advanced Return-To-Home FeaturesMay Be Limited During Nighttime Flights
Omnidirectional Obstacle Avoidance SensorsMuch Heavier Than Air 2S at 720g
O4 Video Transmission provides a 20KM Max RangeNeed to Pay $450 Extra To Get The DJI RC 2 Controller
ActiveTrack 5.0 for better subject trackingSome tracking limitations in complex environments such as over water
48 MP Still PhotosNo Aperture Control
PriceStarts at $1,099 (RC-N2)Mini 3 Pro May Be a Better Bang For The Buck


The most exciting part of the Air 3 is its dual camera system. Including a 1/1.3-inch wide angle and 3x tele lens allows for much more creative shooting options and performances exceptional in low light environments. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or a professional videographer, the 4K video resolution at 60fps and up to 100fps slow motion will undoubtedly impress. Moreover, the 48MP still photo resolution using the Air 3s stacked sensor systems ensures crisp and clear aerial shots. Last, the camera’s 10-bit Dlog-M provides ample room for post-processing, allowing creators to unleash their creative vision. However, the lack of aperture control may quickly annoy more advanced flyers. 


The DJI Air 3 uses intelligent flight batteries, granting users 46 minutes of flight time for prolonged exploration. The Air 3s new charging hub also allows flyers to transfer power among batteries, even if not plugged into an external power source. However, like most DJI products, the Air 3 only comes with one battery at its entry price point, and most flyers will need to spring for the Fly More Combo.

Added Features

The DJI Air 3 comes packed with a host of intelligent features, including upgraded return-to-home capabilities, ActiveTrack 5.0, and Waypoints. Its advanced obstacle avoidance system significantly reduces the risk of mid-air collisions, enhancing overall safety. ActiveTrack 5.0 makes tracking subjects seamless, though some limitations might be experienced in complex environments such as over-water flights. However, waypoints make pre-planning fight routes easier for those using the drone for progress reports or creative day-to-night shots. But users should be aware that the drone’s bulkier design makes it slightly less portable than more compact models like the Mini 3 Pro. 


The DJI Air 3 drone is undoubtedly an impressive piece of technology, with a dual camera system capable of capturing awe-inspiring footage and images. Its high-capacity batteries and intelligent flight features make it a joy to fly, while the added obstacle-avoidance technology provides peace of mind during flights. Despite minor drawbacks, such as no aperture control, and only 2.7K vertical shooting, the DJI Air 3 is still an excellent investment for anyone looking to get into drones or upgrade from the Air 2S. 

So, if you’re eager to explore the skies and take your creativity to new heights, the DJI Air 3 drone is a compelling choice that won’t disappoint. 

Happy flying!

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