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AutoPylot For Drones Desktop App. LAANC, B4UFLY, Drone Weather, Drone Logging.
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AutoPylot is an FAA-approved provider of B4UFLY and LAANC services.

AutoPylot For Drones Desktop App. LAANC, B4UFLY, Drone Weather, Drone Logging.
AutoPylot For Drones Desktop App. LAANC, B4UFLY, Drone Weather, Drone Logging.

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AutoPylot enables drone pilots to prepare for flights more efficiently and safely with features such as airspace, weather, and flight management.


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With AutoPylot

AutoPylot is an FAA-approved provider of B4UFLY and LAANC Services

AutoPylot For Drones Airspace Advisories. Clear To Fly, Fly With Approval, Do Not Fly.

All the airspace information you need B4UFLY

B4UFLY is a collaboration between the FAA and private industry, like AutoPylot, to safely integrate recreational drones into the national airspace system.

  • Flight Status Indicator
  • Operational Awareness

Real Near-time access to controlled airspace with LAANC

LAANC, is a collaboration between the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and private companies like AutoPylot to safely integrate small drones into the national airspace.

  • Access to controlled airspace at or below 400 feet
  • Available at over 700+ participating airports
AutoPylot For Drones Airspace Map and Approval

Amazing Features

Powerful and Easy To Use Features

All the features you need to safely and efficiently plan your drone flights finally in one place

AutoPylot For Drones Track Your Flight Weather. Hourly Forecast, 10-day Forecast, and more.
AutoPylot For Drones B4UFLY Operational Awareness and Temporary Flight Restrictions Advisory (TFR)
AutoPylot For Drones Insurance. Liability and Hull Coverage for drone flights and operations.
AutoPylot Drone Flight Logging and Management. Log Drones flights and manage missions.

Mobile Apps

Plan Flights On The Go

Access all of the mission management features you need anywhere.
AutoPylot For Drones Android and Apple Mobile App.

Get the answers.

Still curious about AutoPylot and LAANC? See FAQs below.

AutoPylot is an FAA-approved pre-flight planning software enabling drone pilots to legally know where it is safe to fly their drone(s).   

AutoPylot offers both B4UFLY and LAANC to recreational, commercial, and government drone operators for free.

AutoPylot provides B4UFLY services and near real-time airspace authorizations to commercial pilots (Part-107) and recreational flyers. When requesting airspace access, pilots must enter their Remote Pilot Certificate number or TRUST Certificate Authentication Token number. This will be displayed in the menu header.

DJI Fly Zones are not official airspace data and are not the same as LAANC. The DJI system is not integrated with the FAA and is different than official national airspace maps. If you request to unlock a zone with DJI, this does not mean you are authorized to fly in that area, and you must request authorization through an FAA-approved supplier of LAANC or the FAA DroneZone. The FAA is the authoritative source on all airspace data. 

AutoPylot is a pre-flight planning tool and does not connect to any drones to help operate them.

AutoPylot uses three primary colors to indicate a planned flight area’s operational status. A green radius and flight checklist indicate the mission is in Class G airspace, and the pilot does not need an airspace authorization to fly. A red radius, map area, and flight checklist indicate the proposed flight location overlaps a do not fly boundary. An orange radius and flight checklist indicate the proposed flight area is in LAANC-enabled airspace, and the pilot can request access at that location by continuing the mission creation process.

AutoPylot is integrated with National Park Service (NPS) data sources and advises flights in National Parks, Wilderness Areas and Wildlife Refuges.

To request a copy of your LAANC data or to request its destruction by deleting your account, please contact us at