Drone Flight Weather

Find the best time to fly with AutoPylot weather

From hourly forecasts to weather maps, get all the weather information you need exactly when you need it.

AutoPylot for Drones Weather. Drone Flight Weather

Advanced Drone Weather With AutoPylot+

Plan flights with precision.

  • Unlock AutoPylot+ to get all the benefits of pre-flight planning weather
  • Unlimited flight planning weather
  • Stay ahead of the storm and adjust flight plans from the weather

Mission Weather Overview

Easily preview your flight’s weather.

  • Know exactly what type of conditions are expected for your planned flight
  • Quickly see information about your flight’s temperature, precipitation, and wind.
  • Access additional weather information specific to your flight time, location, and duration.
AutoPylot For Drones Mission Details Weather Overview. Drone Flight Weather
AutoPylot Mission Weather Tracking. Drone Weather Forecasts and Tracking. Drone Flight Weather

Flight Weather & Conditions

Forecasts built around your mission.

  • Mission-specific weather helps pilots plan more safely by providing them with flight variables like wind speed, gusts, visibility, cloud coverage, and more!
  • Know tomorrow’s conditions today by leveraging Autopylot’s hourly and 10-day forecasts.
  • Visualize flight conditions with wind and precipitation maps.

Precipitation and Wind Maps

See the rain and wind ahead of time.

  • Use the weather maps to see the wind speeds at 30ft and 300ft.
  • Quickly switch from wind to rain and see incoming precipitation.
  • Use the slide to wind and rain at different times and dates.
AutoPylot Drone Weather Graphs and Forecasts

Flight Weather Graphs

Forecasts built around your mission.

  • AutoPylot’s drone flight weather charts conditions to make them easier to read and change.
  • Easily switch between different days to find the optimal mission weather for your operation.
  • Select different times on the graphs to plan operations with precision.


Advanced Flight Weather AVAILABLE for in-app purchase *Can only be purchased using the mobile app
  • Weather Post Flight Creation
  • Mission Weather Forecasts
  • Weather Maps and Graphs
$3.99/mo or $39.99/yr
  • Unlimited Flight Planning Weather
  • Adjust Flight Plan From Weather
  • 24-hour & 10-day Forecasts
  • Pre-Flight Weather Overview
  • Future AutoPylot+ Features
*Purchase AutoPylot+ using mobile apps

Get the answers.

Still Curious about AutoPylot and drone insurance? See FAQs below.

AutoPylot gives all users free weather after mission creation to help track the flight. To see the forecasted weather during mission creation, and from the flight checklist, users will need to upgrade to AutoPylot+

AutoPylot+ gives users access to advanced weather features during the flight planning. AutoPylot+ costs $3.99 a month, or $39.99 annually, and can be cancelled anytime.

AutoPylot gives users access to weather variables such as temperature, wind, precipitation, gusts and clouds. In addition, it supplies users with hourly forecasts, 10-day forecast, weather maps, and graphs.

AutoPylot’s weather features tell users the expected weather specific to the location, time, date and duration of the flight they are planning.