Drone CheckLists

Streamline Flight Planning with Smart Checklists

From pre-flight to post-landing, streamline your planning, enhance safety, and maximize efficiency with our intuitive, easy-to-use drone checklists.

AutoPylot Drone Checklists

Checklist Templates

Streamline mission planning

  • Create checklists ahead of time and apply them to any mission.
  • Easily edit, delete and duplicate any checklist.
  • Create a custom checklist from the mission and easily save it to your templates.

Checklist Details

Easily preview your flight tasks.

  • Quickly see how many items are left to accomplish.
  • Know if any time-sensitive tasks are overdue.
  • Easily access checklist post-mission to complete.
AutoPylot Drone Checklists
AutoPylot Drone Checklists

Mission Checklist

Ensure flight safety and success

  • Easily add items from templates, or enter task manually.
  • Add pre-flight, on-site and post-flight tasks that need to be performed.
  • Quickly check off items as you complete them.

Drone Checklist Notifications

Automate task management

  • From 1 week prior to 30 minutes before, easily make any task time sensitive.
  • Get notified when it’s time to complete mission critical tasks.
  • See in-app alerts to keep your flights on track.
AutoPylot Drone Checklists

Get the answers.

Still Curious about AutoPylot and drone insurance? See FAQs below.

Yes! Checklists are available to all users for free!

Currently AutoPylot doesn’t support the import/export of checklists, but we are working on a solution to help address this in the future!

First, make sure you created a task with a reminder attached to it. Second, make sure you give AutoPylot the permission to send push notifications.