Unboxing: DJI Mic + Receiver

Today, we are excited to share our experience unboxing the DJI Mic + Receiver. The realm of drone videography has taken a giant leap forward with the introducing of the DJI Mic—a powerful accessory designed to transform your aerial footage into an immersive audio-visual experience. In this blog post, we delve into the unboxing experience of the DJI Mic, discuss its noteworthy features, weigh the pros and cons, and explore how it seamlessly integrates into your drone video recording endeavors.

Unboxing: DJI Mic + Receiver

In the box: 1 DJI Mic (Tx), 1 DJI Receiver (Rx), 1 Storage Bag, 1 Windscreen, 1 Hot Shoe Adapter, 1 Clip Magnet, 1 Split Charging Cable, 1 Camera Audio Cable, 1 Mobile Phone Adapter (USB-C), 1 Mobile Phone Adapter (Lighting)

Unboxing the DJI Mic + Receiver: 

The unboxing process unveils a treasure trove of items that have been thoughtfully included to enhance your audio recording journey. You’ll find one DJI Mic (Tx) and one DJI Reciever (Rx) within the package. One thing that DJI does so well with their products is including several accessories to make using the product more accessible, such as a hot shoe adapter for your DSLR or mirrorless, a magnet to clip the mic onto your clothes, and a small storage bag to keep all the items in one place. 

Unboxing: DJI Mic + Receiver

Why You Should Buy It

  1. Impeccable Audio Fidelity: The DJI Mic is engineered to capture pristine audio, imbuing your drone videos with unmatched clarity. Equipped with cutting-edge noise reduction technology, it skillfully eliminates ambient noise and disturbances, ensuring your audio track resonates flawlessly with your visuals.
  2. Seamless Integration: An undeniable advantage of the DJI Mic lies in its effortless integration with DJI drones and controllers. This seamless compatibility empowers you to record audio directly from your drone’s controller while in flight—eliminating the need for post-production audio synchronization and enabling real-time narration during aerial escapades.
  3. Unrestricted Utility: Beyond drone video production, the DJI Mic flexes its versatility in various scenarios. Whether you’re vlogging, conducting outdoor interviews, or documenting nature’s wonders, this microphone promises to be a valuable tool for delivering impeccable audio quality.
  4. Battle Wind Noise: The included windscreen is a tactical addition that combats the interference caused by windy conditions during outdoor shoots. This ensures that your audio remains untainted by wind noise, enhancing the professional-grade output of your videos.

Why You May Want To Skip It

  1. Investment Consideration: The DJI Mic’s superlative features come at a price. The enhanced audio quality and convenience make it a worthy investment for professionals, hobbyists, and newcomers who might find the cost a substantial entry barrier.
  2. Brand Compatibility: Optimized for DJI drones and controllers, the DJI Mic might only seamlessly integrate with equipment from other brands with additional adapters or equipment.


The DJI Mic and receiver are priced at $219, with the two-mic and one-receiver setup priced at $329.00, placing it in the upper echelon of microphone options. While the investment might be substantial for some, the remarkable improvements in audio quality and user experience justify the price for those seeking top-tier drone video production capabilities.

Utilizing the DJI Mic for Screen Recording and Drone Videos

The DJI Mic unveils a fascinating application for screen recording during drone flights. You can capture your live commentary and reactions while piloting your drone by attaching the microphone to your controller and activating the audio recording feature. This immersive approach injects a personalized touch into your videos and enchants viewers by offering a behind-the-scenes experience.

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Who Is It For?

The DJI Mic is a pivotal tool for drone enthusiasts and professional videographers alike, elevating aerial cinematography by delivering unparalleled audio quality. As you explore the universe of drone videography, consider the DJI Mic as an accessory and a means to craft narratives that resonate on multiple sensory levels. Despite its premium cost, its integration, noise reduction, and simplicity advantages make it an invaluable asset for achieving audio excellence in your drone videos.

Check out our video here to see the full unboxing of the DJI Mic and its accessories.👇

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