AutoPylot Drone Insurance

AutoPylot Launches Drone Insurance

AutoPylot, Redefines Drone Safety with Embedded Drone Insurance

AutoPylot, an FAA-approved provider of B4UFLY and LAANC services, launches embedded drone insurance into its all-in-one flight planning solution, marking a significant milestone in the drone industry. With the insurance program underwritten by Allianz Commercial, and in collaboration with Stere, AutoPylot emerges as one of the first FAA-approved B4UFLY and LAANC service providers to integrate comprehensive insurance directly into its platform. 

This relationship signifies a pivotal moment in the evolution of the drone ecosystem, seamlessly integrating the opportunity to place insurance coverage into the regulatory compliance and flight planning process. By leveraging insurers’ deep expertise in risk management and insurance solutions, and Stere’s innovative insurance infrastructure, AutoPylot empowers drone operators with a holistic platform that streamlines operations, supports regulatory compliance, and offers the opportunity to obtain insurance coverage.

“At AutoPylot, we are committed to advancing the accessibility and safety of drone operations. ,” said Tauty Shalna, CEO of AutoPylot. “By integrating drone insurance directly into our FAA-Approved flight planning services, we can now provide our users with unprecedented convenience and ability to manage risk, further supporting the growth of a more sustainable drone ecosystem.”

The embedded insurance feature offered through AutoPylot’s platform includes protection against liabilities such as property damage and bodily injury and hull coverage for drones and other equipment. Additionally, users can seamlessly manage their insurance policies alongside their regulatory compliance requirements, simplifying the administrative burden associated with drone operations.

With embedded drone insurance, AutoPylot continues to emerge as a comprehensive, all-in-one platform for drone operators, simplifying regulatory compliance and risk management processes. By consolidating essential services within a single platform, AutoPylot enables pilots to focus on their missions confidently, knowing they are adequately protected and compliant with regulations.

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About AutoPylot:

AutoPylot is a leading provider of FAA-approved B4UFLY and LAANC services, dedicated to enhancing the accessibility and safety of drone operations through innovative technology solutions. By offering comprehensive regulatory compliance and flight planning services, AutoPylot empowers drone operators to navigate airspace with confidence and efficiency.

About Stere: 

Stere pioneers an insurance operating system through its trailblazing products, Stere API and Stere Distribution, revolutionizing insurance distribution dynamics. With an API-centric platform alongside pre-built portals, Stere seamlessly bridges insurers and digital distribution partners – thanks to its API-as-a-Service feature. This connectivity grants extensive access to a vast spectrum of insurance products globally within P&C, Specialty, and A&H domains. Stere’s robust digital infrastructure is effortlessly scalable, enabling insurers to trim down expense ratios while amplifying agility, speed, and growth avenues for all stakeholders.

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