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B4UFLY Press Release

AutoPylot Achieves FAA Approval to provide B4UFLY services, Enhancing Recreational Drone Safety

AutoPylot, an all-in-one flight planning application and UAS service supplier of LAANC, is excited to announce its official approval by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to  provide B4UFLY services. This significant milestone marks a pivotal moment for AutoPylot, solidifying its commitment to promoting safe and responsible drone operations for commercial and recreational flyers. 

B4UFLY, initially introduced as a standalone mobile app, has evolved into a collaboration between the FAA and private industries like AutoPylot. Allowing private industry partners like AutoPylot to provide recreational flyers with safety information and airspace awareness prior to flight will help better integrate recreational drones into the national airspace system. 

B4UFLY AutoPylot Mobile App

By receiving FAA approval to provide B4UFLY services, AutoPylot is thrilled to be an integral part of the ecosystem dedicated to enhancing drone safety and regulatory compliance. 

“We are excited and honored to receive FAA approval to provide B4UFLY services,” said Tauty Shalna, CEO at AutoPylot. “This recognition underscores our dedication to ensuring safe drone operations and aligns with our mission to empower drone enthusiasts with the tools they need to fly responsibly within the regulatory framework.”

With this approval, AutoPylot users can seamlessly integrate B4UFLY’s real-time airspace information into their flight planning process, allowing for a more informed and compliant drone experience. The collaboration between AutoPylot and the FAA reflects a shared commitment to fostering a culture of safety and responsibility within the rapidly growing drone industry.

As drone technology continues to evolve, AutoPylot remains at the forefront, working with regulatory bodies to create solutions that benefit operators and the public. The FAA approval for B4UFLY further establishes AutoPylot as a trusted partner in the drone community, dedicated to promoting safe and enjoyable drone experiences.

About AutoPylot:

AutoPylot is an FAA-approved UAS Service Supplier of LAANC. We are committed to making drone operations safer, more efficient, and more accessible for businesses and individuals. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, AutoPylot is at the forefront of the rapidly growing drone industry.

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