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6 Tricks to Launch Your Drone Real Estate Business

Starting a drone business is exciting, but landing those initial clients is difficult and requires a strategic approach. This guide explores essential tips and tricks, from targeting real estate teams to diversifying services and leveraging LinkedIn messaging. Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to expand or a newcomer eager to take flight, these insights will help you break into the competitive drone real estate industry. 

1. Target Real Estate Teams, Not Agents

Drone pilots seeking to establish a foothold in the real estate photography market should strategically target real estate teams rather than individual agents. Real estate teams, often managing higher transactional volumes, are more likely to recognize the value of outsourcing drone services. The increased scale of their operations justifies the cost and underscores the necessity of swift turnover to keep pace with demand. 

Unlike some individual agents who may handle photography themselves, real estate teams frequently opt to outsource, recognizing the efficiency and professionalism that specialized drone pilots bring to the table. By connecting with real estate teams, drone pilots position their drone business as an indispensable partner, offering the visual edge needed in marketing properties for teams navigating a dynamic and fast-paced market.

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2. Collaborate with Real Estate Photographers:

Consider forming strategic partnerships with photographers already established in the field but not offering drone services. Many real estate photographers may choose not to pursue drone work since they want to avoid getting licensed or incorporating videography into their workflow due to time constraints associated with editing. 

Having your drone business team up with these photographers allows them to expand their service offerings without taking on the intricacies of drone piloting and video editing. Partnering will also help your drone business benefit from an established network and a streamlined workflow.

3. Identify Real Estate Listings without Drone Photos:

One great trick drone pilots should do to get more business is actively seek out online real estate listings that currently lack drone photos, particularly those properties that have been on the market for an extended period. Then, find nearby listings that have sold and had drone photos. This information will enable drone pilots to approach listing agents with a compelling pitch on how aerial services can aid the property’s marketing strategy. 

4. Diversify Your Services:

Expand your offerings beyond basic drone photography by providing additional services such as interior photography, videography, and 3D tours using platforms like Matterport. Offering a comprehensive visual package allows pilots to increase their earnings per job and positions them as versatile professionals capable of meeting diverse client needs. 

Beyond financial benefits, this diversification serves as a risk mitigation strategy for clients – should their current service provider encounter challenges in the future, having a go-to professional who can seamlessly step in with a range of services becomes invaluable and can lead to long-term partnerships and increased referrals.

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5. Replace Cold Emails With LinkedIn Messages:

A polished online profile is crucial for attracting clients. Spruce up your website, showcase your portfolio, and highlight your drone real estate services expertise. Utilize LinkedIn as a powerful networking tool. Instead of sending cold emails, send personalized LinkedIn messages to potential clients. This approach allows them to learn about you and your experience more organically, increasing the chances of building a meaningful connection.

In addition to fostering a more personalized approach, leveraging LinkedIn messages over cold emails allows drone pilots to pinpoint and target the right individuals within an organization. The platform’s professional networking features enable pilots to connect directly with decision-makers, such as real estate agents, brokers, or marketing managers, ensuring their message reaches the key players involved in decision-making.

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6. Community-focused Content

Drone pilots should broaden their scope beyond capturing individual homes and venture into showcasing local communities. Homebuyers today are not merely seeking a property; they desire a comprehensive understanding of the neighborhood and its amenities. By creating and utilizing more photos and videos of local communities, including parks, schools, outdoor activities, and shopping centers, drone pilots can cater to this evolving consumer interest. 

Providing potential buyers with an immersive glimpse into the lifestyle offered by the surrounding areas enhances the overall marketing strategy, making the property more appealing and giving clients a holistic view that extends beyond the confines of a single dwelling. This approach not only adds value to the real estate marketing package but also positions drone pilots as providers of rich, context-driven content that meets the expectations of modern homebuyers.

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Strategic approaches can make all the difference in the competitive world of drone real estate photography and videography. By targeting real estate teams, collaborating with photographers, identifying untapped listings, diversifying services, optimizing your online presence, and creating community-focused content, you can position yourself as the go-to professional for captivating property visuals. Implement these tips and watch your drone business soar to new heights.

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