Unboxing: DJI Avata and Accessories

As drone enthusiasts and aerial adventurers, we understand the exhilaration of unboxing cutting-edge gear. Join us as we take you on a journey through the unboxing experience of the DJI Avata, exploring what’s inside the box and the essential accessories that will elevate your aerial escapades to astonishing heights.

Unboxing: DJI Avata and Accessories

The DJI Avata Drone: A Marvel of Engineering

Unboxing: DJI Avata and Accessories

In the box: 1 Avata Drone, 1 USB-C to USC C Cable, 1 Single Battery Charger, 1 Avata Battery, 2 Spare Propellors, 1 Screwdriver, 

The star of the show, the DJI Avata drone, takes center stage as we open the box. Sleek and futuristic in design, this drone is packed with intelligent features that make it perfect for beginners and experienced pilots. Equipped with obstacle avoidance, 4K camera capabilities, and advanced flight modes, the Avata is more than just a drone – it’s a creative powerhouse. 

Motion Controller and Goggles 2: Intuitive Immersion

Unboxing: DJI Avata and Accessories

In the box: 1 Goggle 2, 1 Motion Controller, 1 Laynard, 1 Headband, 1 Set of Eyeglass Frames, 1 Goggles Battery, 1 Goggles Power Cord, 1 USB-C OTG Cable, 1 Googles Screen Protector

Unveiling the Motion Controller and Goggles 2 is a moment of pure excitement. The Motion Controller introduces a new dimension of control, allowing you to pilot the Avata with natural gestures. It’s an experience that feels like an extension of yourself, breaking down barriers between you and your drone. Coupled with the Goggles 2, you’re transported into an utterly immersive first-person view, making every flight a captivating adventure.

Remote Controller 2: Precision at Your Fingertips

Unboxing: DJI Avata and Accessories

In the box: 1 Remote Controller 2, 1 Extra Set Of Joysticks 

For those who prefer the classic control feel or want to experience the full capabilities of the Avata by flying in manual mode, the Remote Controller 2 is a gem. It is ergonomically designed for ease and precision and offers intuitive control over your Avata. With customizable buttons and adjustable joysticks for manual mode flying, you’ll effortlessly navigate the skies, capturing stunning visuals with every maneuver. 

ND Filters: The Art of Aerial Cinematography

Unboxing: DJI Avata and Accessories

In the box: 1 ND Filter Case, 1 ND 8 Filter, 1 ND 16 Filter, 1 ND 32 Filter

To unlock the full potential of Avata’s camera, you’ll want to give the lens some sunglasses with the DJI ND filters. These essential accessories allow you to adjust light levels, making your shots more cinematic and professional. Remember, the Avata doesn’t allow you to control the aperture, so managing how much light hits the sensor will be challenging. Whether capturing a golden sunset or a high-contrast landscape, these filters are key to achieving picture-perfect visuals and that FPV motion blur we all love.

Fly More Combo: Extending Your Flight Adventures

Unboxing: DJI Avata and Accessories

In the box: 1 Avata Battery Charging Hub, 2 Avata Batteries 

Unlike many new DJI drones, whose batteries can last up to 48 minutes, the Avatas batteries are only rated for about 18 minutes of flight time. When flying aggressively and diving the drone, you’ll be lucky to get 10 to 15 minutes of flight time. So extra batteries and a charging hub ensure that your Avata spends more time in the air and less on the ground. This combo is a must for those who crave longer flight sessions and endless exploration.

DJI Backpack: Taking Your Adventure Anywhere

Unboxing: DJI Avata and Accessories

In the box: 1 DJI Backpack

The Avata comes with a lot of gear but no carry case, so the DJI Backpack is the ideal companion for the Avata and its accessories. Stylish, rugged, and purpose-built, it keeps your gear safe and organized during your journeys. Whether hiking to a remote location or jetting to a new destination, the easily adjustable backpack makes bringing all your creator gear easy. 

Who’s the Avata For, and should I buy it?

The DJI Avata is a pioneering drone tailored for experienced aerial cinematographers seeking to elevate their visual storytelling. While not a great first drone due to its advanced features and learning curve but rather a powerful addition for those with cinematic drones in their inventory. 

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With its intuitive Motion Controller and immersive Goggles 2, the Avata offers a unique and dynamic flying experience, perfect for capturing breathtaking visuals and pushing creative boundaries. If you’re an established drone enthusiast aiming to unlock new dimensions of cinematic excellence, the DJI Avata is an investment worth considering.

Check out our video here to see the full unboxing of the Avata and its accessories.👇

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